As a child I was always surrounded by Video Games. My family owned a second hand store, so when a new game was traded in, me and my brother always got to play them before my father tried to re-sell them. My first console was the Nintendo Entertainment System however I grew up on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Watching how games have changed over time has been amazing, the technology is incredible. It has always been a major hobby of mine to play video games.


As the years went on I changed between a few careers not knowing what I truly wanted to do, money was always the driving point. However one day I sat down and thought, why not make a career out of my hobby, my passion. Instead of just playing the games I grew up on, I want to make the games others grow up on. I want to make someone feel the emotion I felt while playing games.

I always try to keep a positive attitude, not only does it help yourself but it will help others around you too. I'm always up for a laugh, no matter how lame the jokes are, to be honest, the lamer the better. 


So this is where the endeavor has taken me. I have completed the Advanced Diploma of Professional Game Development - Design at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment in Melbourne and am looking for a position within the games industry. I am also currently working on a few solo projects.

Creating games or prototypes with the Unity engine.  Have intermediate knowledge in C# scripting language used within Unity. 

Create low poly models and apply textures with Maya. Understand a good workflow for integration of models into Unity.

Create banners, images, icons and textures with Adobe Photoshop. Have a good understating of the software. 

Cut and edit videos with Adobe Premiere Pro for advertisement such as trailers.

Record and compose music with Cubase. Experience with band recordings and multi layered virtual instrument tracks.

Modify and create sound effects with Audacity. Use to quickly edit music or tweak sounds effects.