Fast paced, top down, local multiplayer, shooter.
Designed for 2 to 4 players.

I was the sole producer and lead designer of HEXED. This project was completed within 6 months with a team of 5 and consisted of 2.5 days work time per week.


  • Taking an idea from concept to full production.

  • Coordinating a team of 5 to develop and stick to a schedule with set dates  and build requirements.

  • Work closely with programmer to make sure game feel is to the standard of player satisfaction.

  • Designing levels that can be quick to learn and easily manoeuvred by players.

  • Designing user interfaces for main menu, selection screens, player and gameplay.

  • Implementing animations of players and linking them to player controller.

  • Liaising with musicians to create relatable music for the theme of the game.

  • Art creation including player user interface, bullet effects including particle systems and selection screen user interface.

  • Creating a trailer to showcase the game.

  • Create and modify sound effects for menu, players, weapons and world objects.

After submitting Hexed for my final year of study at AIE (Academy of Interactive Melbourne) I was awarded the "Outstanding Game Designer Award for Advanced Diploma of Professional Game Development (Design)".


If you would like to download HEXED click the link below, it will take you to my itch.io page:

Please note the game is only mapped to Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers.