Semi-relaxing, top down, local multiplayer, free-for-all.

Designed for 2 to 4 players.

Iots Image1.png

I was the sole creator of IOTA. I created all the code, art and sound effects for this project.


  • Programming all the mechanics which included the player controller, player interactions, power-ups, menus and camera controller.

  • Liaising with musician to create relatable music for the theme of the game.

  • Art creation within the particle system which include players, power ups and damage effects.

  • Art creation and design structure of in game tutorial.

  • Create sound effects for players actions and power ups.

Iota Image2.png

IOTA was created within a two month period and on average 3 days a week. It was an exercise for me to create a game utilizing the particle system within Unity.

PowerUpOnPlayer Website.gif

If you would like to download IOTA click the link below, it will take you to my page:

Please note the game is only mapped to Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers.