Be gone christmas cheer, game dev is here!

Damn I'm getting corny...

Where to start off? I've decided to start learning Blender and boy oh boy is it pretty sweet. Pretty much only done a bit of modeling, but I'm picking it up quite fast!.. I think.

Unfortunately i can't afford Maya and found Blender can do just as much as Maya can, at 0% of the price! Thats right folks, Blender is zero buckeroos. My kind of money! That being said it's fantastic that a company can develop a program like this and have it free to use, it's amazing.

So I've been making models for Get To The Exit. I'm trying to go for a Rick and Morty VR kind of art style, designs that are a bit bubbly, softened, not completely perfect, lets just say they have character.

It's been really fun getting back into modeling. I think I'm going to go with a flat colour aesthetic for these too, nothing crazy detailed. That's deffs not because of my texturing skills.. Would I lie?

There is a large list with all these puns/ puzzles that I keep adding too. Easy to hard ones, it just fun trying to manipulate a sentence into a puzzle!

Heres a few more sections I've been working on, still quite barebones but. This one is "Think outside the box" Now the object will be in the box, which it will be a brain, get it? GET IT!? Think... Brain... Outside the box. Damn straight that's smart. I know!

And now I've added in animations. The brain above isn't positioned properly however the paint tin below is. So when the player walks it actually looks nice and not static and boring. I'm tweaking the swing of the object to get the right feeling of pace, I think its working quite well.

And heres another. This one is called "All Systems Go!". The buttons will have big words on them saying "GO" and "NO GO" which will be green for go and red for no go. I left one button already pressed and in "GO" for the player to understand that the buttons can be pressed. Also, if you've noticed and seen past the horrible gif quality you will see my early idea for the reticle UI. If you hover over an object that can be grabbed the reticle will change from a dot to a hand. I also want it to change to a finger point when over a pressable object and into a traditional weapon reticle when you pickup a weapon, that will come in time.

I'm having so much fun with this project! Can't wait to share a bit more progress!

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