Bout dat time.

Its about that time again. BLERG TEERM!

Yeah... I wrote that...

Well where to start. I completed a module in my studies. I had learnt a very valuable lesson, don't work on something that's is really simple or something that I have little to no interest in. Because that's what I did. I found that if I don't work on something that I find challenging I wont push myself harder. Working on the project made me what to work on all my other games, but you know, gotta get that certificate.

That being said, within that project I have also been working on my "End of Year" pitch video. Heres a mini gif of it:

Its been really fun making it. The misses isn't too keen on the voice effects I did for it (creeps her out) but I love it. So just to explain the game in itself. Its going to be similar to Hotline Miami, since I love the game so much, yet I've always wanted multiplayer. So each character within the game with have a special ability, just so each person playing it can have something they enjoy and suits their play style better. I'm super excited for it, also have a few mates making a kickass soundtrack for it. Woo!

After this video is complete and submitted our holidays begin. So I'll be working on my own projects for the next few weeks. Trying to smash out as much as I can for a playable build to show people. I love going back to older projects, fixing that one bug I couldn't fix ages ago with one line of code... ONE LINE OF CODE. Ok, I'm fine. But its crazy just going back and realizing what you've learnt.

I also work a bit on a few 3D models, check em:

Just trying some new things, learning a lot in the process.

Well, that was short but sweet.

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