BREAK TIME!!!... is over.

The break was great, got to spend some time on a few of my games, one more so then the other but that was intentional.

I now have a fair bit of art from my art bud for Cooper Clones, so with the sprites being completed I started putting them into the game. We now have changing sprites that changed randomly every now and then when you move Cooper.

Theres also a fair bit of environmental assets, we now have a bunch of the foreground stuff. We are trying to get all the foreground assets completed first then work on the other “pretty” assets.

So now we have the grass, ground, power poles, fences, theres traffic lights and cars, the portal pillows, fuze boxes, the whole works, theres still PLENTY more to go in but its a fantastic start.

The other game I’ve been working on is an older project, this one is another mobile game. Don’t get me wrong I don’t love mobile games, and some can be incredibly complex and detailed as much as a console game but for my knowledge and practice I like working on these.

Oh yeah the other game, its called Farty Bum.

Its pretty bare bones at the moment but I’m getting there, if you’ve followed my blog I posted about this ages ago. Its a one button game where the player has to climb (well fart) as high as they can up a building, avoiding obstacles. basically I only have static obstacles at the moment, like air cons, and balconys, but ay, its alright.

When the player hits the obstacle they will stop and have to start again. There is a camera shake... but gifs suck. I also want the player to be a ragdoll, this is very difficult to apply force to the body and not have the ragdoll blow apart... I’m clearly doing something wrong.

After the player fails the camera will move to look at a billboard. I want a screenshot of the characters face when they hit something to be on the board, along with the score, top score and a replay button, thats what the block box on it is.

I was struggling to wrap my head around how I would restart the round. I tried making the camera move back to the start, but since I’m deleting sections of the building when you pass them you would just see a broken building and it would look horrible. So I downloaded a bunch of top mobile games and it turns out most game just fade to a screen with the games title and then fades back out. So guess what I’m doing.

Last but not least, since were back from the break, all us students are now in our final project. Heres my game pitch:

My game got accepted. So we have started working on it, I got some pretty badass programmers and artists working for me! Pretty exciting! I’ll keep everyone posted on the progress!

Anyhoos, thats it for me!

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