Holy Smokes!

It's been quite some time since I updated on my blog.

I've been slowly chipping away at my projects, bought a house and in the process of that I've have been renovating, but thats boring stuff, game dev stuff is way funner.

So I'm still working on that 2D platformer. It will develop into a Metroid-Vania style game, this will most definitely take some time, I understand that. I have a friend working on some art for that and as the project in itself apart from the art side has come to a slight standstill as the programming has become quite complicated, I will need to do some more research to progress in what I have to do. That being said here is a little bit of concept art my buddy has created for some enemies and our main character Trip.

He is currently working on the animations of Trip. When development is a bit further along I will delve into the story and why Trip is surrounded by strange creatures.

While I wait for some art to be completed I have been working on a concept quite different that that. It will be a first person puzzle based game, where players are given a task in the form of a pun, saying or a basic sentence. Think of a first person Wario Ware game. The player has to complete the task to unlock the "Exit Door". This will open up to another room with another task. I think I want to have varying difficulties in the tasks as the player progress through the game. Possibly boss battles after a bunch of rooms are completed. The idea is that each room is simple enough to create for myself but will be complicated enough for the player to take some time to work out how to achieve the task. There will be a timer so the player will feel somewhat rushed, I want the game to feel intense and fast paced.

Here is a section where the player is given the task "Stop! Hammer Time" (understand that each section is very bare bones as I am trying to create the task and will fill the section later on).

So to be descriptive, its a quote, well really a lyric from the lyrical genius MC Hammer. Now the player will be in a carpenters warehouse of some sort, there will be multiple tools, tables, wood, doors and what now, so the are will be filled. The main objects will be somewhat noticeable, so say the clock would be large and stand out. I don't want everything to be completely obvious however, want it to be a little tricky.

Mechanics-wise there will be move, jump, grab, throw and the use of objects such as them being stationary, them held or weapons.

I see this as an achievable creation. So fingers crossed I can smash out as much as possible.

Here another gif of me throwing around stuff in another section.

Hopefully with these games I can keep updating this blog regularly.


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