I’m still alive!

Got a bit slack with my weekly updates. Well two weeks slack.

We’ve been doing an assessment in class so that’s my excuse...but I wanted to go back to an older project and see from what I’ve learnt from the other games I’m making if I could fix it. And WALAH! I did.

I’ve got rotation on objects in relation to the camera axis working, this was a massive issue I had for some time, if you walked to the bottom side of a planet and tried to rotate an object with my older code the object would rotate to its up axis, so the motion of moving your mouse would be WAY off. It felt horrible, so now its fixed, you might not even notice but check it!

The other tiny fix I did in this game was when an object moved into the right spot it never sat right, now I’ve set the objects transform and rotation to the triggers transform and rotation when it touches it. Like i said small, but it just looks neater, also, this whole block box thing is just a test design. Nothing will look that gross.

I got some big plans for this game and its gonna pull on the heart strings! I think its gonna be a bigger project then I first thought, I’ve got a friend helping me with some story elements and I’m getting really excited about it!

But enough of that, I’ve started drawing up some level design for my mobile taping game. Which has been more time consuming then I would have thought. I’m trying to make levels get harder as you progress, but having many many levels means I’ll need to balance them like crazy!

And in regards to that game, you may have seen a while ago I made some vehicles that spawn, well now I’ve got some traffic lights and I have the vehicles spawning when their meant to. This will make it easier for the player to know when the vehicles will stop spawning so they can progress.

Well that’s enough of my blabble, I’ll keep everyone updated with the progress on these two games. I think these are the two I want to put as much effort into as possible. That being said we have an end of year game project at the end of the year and I’m already 2/3 through creating the Game Design Document and making up a Trello board. These are things I dreaded doing last year. But now I have more drive, like I said a few posts ago, I want this life so bad!

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