Let them be free!

Woo! I feel like some super dev, releasing games left right and... well, just left and right, there were only two.

But still! Two games!

So just a bit of an update. I was just slightly tweaking iota, the particle based game, and just waiting on music. After a dilemma with my brain telling my friend who produced the music that I wanted music like a certain song, and to only realize it was a different song i was thinking off... we were all set. So here it is in all its glory!

Download the link from here:

I even tweaked that itch page to look super snazzy!

So on other news. Last week I took part of another game jam, the theme was multiplayer... weird theme but hey, you work with what you got. We had 2 and a half days to complete a game. So we were made up of two designers, two programmers and three artists, all seemed fine. But after about an hour in we realized that the programmers weren't turning up... so on I went to start some programming... in a game jam. I was really disappointed but though I should make the most of it. So we decided to work on my idea. A 2-4 player, 2.5D, arcade... well I'll just show you a picture.

Players are to survive the impending doom from the boxes falling down. If a player is hit on the head from a box they will explode and lose a life. If all lives are gone the player is out. Last player remaining wins. Oh! Also there is a badass hammer that hits every now and then, when it does it forces a platform out which pushes the bottom layer of objects out of the game. This stops players trying to be sneaky and hiding between boxes.

But in 2 and a half days I was supper proud of what I created!

Check it out here:

So thats the two new games that I've released.

In other short news I've slowly been working on my tapping mobile and while working with my artist friend we decided to base the game on my cute as dog, Cooper.

And this is how he will look in-game. Saaaaaaaa cuuuuuuute! Can't wait to make my dog famous!

But hey, thats what I've been up to lately!

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