Over Powered!

… but not really.

I am about to enter the last week of production for the game. (This is in relation to the class schedule). If I don’t get it fully done that will be ok, I’ll definitely finish it soon enough. But since where here, I thought I might show everyone the Power Ups!

I had to make something that still seemed close enough to be in the world of iota yet look like it could do something else. The thing i do to draw the players to the Power Up is to have the camera add it to the list of visual objects so if its out of range the camera will zoom out to show it. Hopefully this encourages players to go for it. And if they do, well, check it out!

The player will get a similar effect like the dash, but for a longer period of time. I also made the particles coming from the player to resemble the Power Up. See, its all connected!

I’m currently working on the restart and back to menu selection after the player has won the game. It has been quite difficult because I don’t want it to look crappy, I want the sections to fade into each other with a pulsating orb effect. So hopefully by the end of the week it will be complete.


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