Pump up the jam!

While your feet are stompin’!

No, this is not a lyric post, this is a post about my first game jam! And I love it! It’s amazing to see what people can create in such a short time. So I’ll recap, we had two days, not two full days, two “school” days, so two 9 hour days to create a game. Our theme was Mobile, which in all honesty was a very average theme. I know most jams have a better theme then just a platform, but oh well. Our group consisted of 3 designers, 3 artists and 3 programmers.

Myself and another designer took the bulk of the work. And my idea was picked for the final design. However over time a mechanic for the player was tweaked with another designers idea taking over, which was fantastic, because it made it better. Some people get very upset when their ideas get changed, but if it’s better for the game and player then why would you not change it.

So the game we made is called “Space Shot”.

A mobile game where the player is to launch the ship up, away from the black hole that is sucking it in. The player has to also avoid obstacles. As the player continues to play the level sections will get more difficult. Aim is to get the highest score possible. To propel the ship the player has to drag their finger across the screen. The longer the drag the more boost the ship has. Where ever the player drags from point a to point be and releases is to what direction the shop will travel in.

And heres the fail screen. After you fail and tap the screen again it resets and puts you back into the game.

For two days I am super proud to what we achieved, and it was so much fun. I really enjoyed it. For now here is the link to the google play store, they are way quicker with accepting games.

Have at it!

Hopefully our next few jams will be as great as this!

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