Showin’ me Durps.

Updated: May 12, 2018

That’s right, I’ve never done a run down of Durps before, at least a showoff of all the little bit and pieces. So here goes!

This is Durps.

It is a game I created to be accepted into a Games Design course at AIE in Melbourne. The game is a turn based domination game for 2 to 4 players. The main aim of the game is to be the winning team, pink (Little Durps) vs green (Big Durps). Each turn consists of one big Durp move and then two little Durp moves. The player moving must roll one of their coloured dice and move that many position. Now when a big and little Durp come into contact they must roll the big die each, who ever rolls a number two numbers higher then the last roll wins the battle, if the number is below then a re-roll will happen, this continues until one is a victor. HOWEVER, if a little Durp is unarmed and win they may roll their coloured dice and retreat, if they are armed they defeat the big Durp. When a Durp is defeated they are sent to the graveyard.

Now how does a little Durp obtain a weapon? That’s quite nosy but I guess I can tell you. They are to travel to the weapon chest.

When a little Durp gets to the weapon chest they can then pick a weapon. I made a bunch of them with pop culture and gaming references in mind.

There are also obstacles on the board that each team can place two of them. Unless you’ve lived under a rock your whole life then you will know what this is from.

This is just a nice little fallen tree.

A toilet, with flowers to make it pretty, a bone, some poop and a brick (NOT a Nutragrain piece!).

And a poor little dead Durp.

Players have to move around the obstacles unless they roll their highest number on their coloured die, then they can jump the obstacle and move the amount they rolled.

Speaking of the dice, here they are.

I forgot to talk about the spinner.

This is something that is used mainly at he start of the game to spin the spinner and where ever it lands place the tokens on that spot. It is also used to select where the obstacles are placed.

When a player is next to a token they must stop, remove the token and pick up a Durp card, and then do what ever the Durp card says.

Like everything in this game, these cards are filled with pop culture and gaming references.

The game board has a bunch of references too, here’s a few that were close together.

So that’s the basic concept of Durps. Everything was created by myself, I sculpted and pained all the pieces. Created all the artwork for the game board, booklet, spinner, dice and cards. It was hella fun when I was making it, and it’s pretty fun to play.

So if you’ve made it this far I’ll send you off with some close pictures of the Durps.

Thanks for reading!

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