Them side projects!

So even though I'm working on the group project with others I always try to keep myself busy doing other game/ art related stuff.

I've recently been working on a 2D platformer, well, the controller for it. Its interesting when you looking into things like what we are used to feeling with a controller and then tryng to replicate that. Such as the jump in most platformers. As a player jumps there will normally be natural gravity, but as they reach the apex of their jump the player it pushed with an extra amount of gravity. On my little controller I created I decided to go with 3.5 X gravity. It feels pretty good.

Along with that, I hate it when you play a game and as you believe you are grounded and you should be able to jump, you then can't jump. I've been working to make this not happen and feel as fluid as possible.

I'm trying to create a few other abilities, such as a blink/ dash ability, similar to Towerfalls dash, yet more powerful. Also an ability to move backwards yet face the forward direction. My pet hate in rogue like games is when they only allow you to attack the direction your moving, so you have to tap back and forth if an enemy is coming towards you. So I'm not going to do that and make myself happy.

I've also been working on a spherical world puzzle game. There's not going to be anything too crazy in the game. I want it to be more of a story based experience with a few puzzles. I want to pull at the heart strings of the player. I've just been blocking out everything and programming in the basics.

Apart for game stuff, on the side I'm still mucking around with 3D Modeling. So since I recently bought a Mini SNES and started playing Yoshi's Island again I've decided to start working on a 3D version of the overworld. It's very bare bones at the moment, hopefully in a few days I'll smash it out.

That being said, this week is Melbourne International Games Week, so I'm going to be SUPER busy attending conferences and other related games events. Can't wait!


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