This NEEDS to be my life!

One nearly done and I start another, I cant help myself…

Well, iota is nearly done. I just need to find some music and sound effects and then were set. Working on this game has been so much fun! Like I’ve never felt this much enjoyment from making something since I was a younger kid making animations. Game dev stuff is the bomb! I just had to fix one more bug but as I was writing thing post I fixed it. Woo!

So the progress from last time I spoke about it was bug fixing, had a lot of issues with changing back to the menu or restarting the round. But now they are fixed… to my ability. Everything seems smooth so that’s what I’m going for.

The other thing I’m super proud about is the tutorial. Heres a quick snippit of it.

It plays out everything in the game, all the mechanics. About 50 seconds, aaaaaaaaand its skipable, isn’t that just swell!

Also I don’t think I’ve shown the final Menu UI yet. So here it is.

There is a credits section that if a player hovers over it the camera will pan to the top right to a section showing the credits. I made sure that players can’t enter the game until everyone is out of the credits section. The players can only move around the box, when the camera pans they are still locked to the area that. There is also a close section where if a player hovers over it a timer will count down, at the end of the timer the game will close. It’s MAGICAL!

So no that all that jazz is fixed I just need the audio like I said and finalize the text in the credits section. Then I’ll upload it for all ya’ll to play.

Since I’m at that standstill because of audio, I started working on another game the other day. A mobile game! I think I need one under my belt so I can get a job. I’ve got an artist friend who might be interested to work on it with me. So it might look a bit fresh! Woop! Heres a little sneak peek at it, it does look balls at the minute but I’m loving this too!

The player can tap around the character, pushing them away from the players finger. They are to avoid the obstacles, above and below. I also made is that when a player fails their body stays there, so you will always see where you lost previously.

I think instead of doing this style as an endless game I’ll actually make levels. I want to get my level design skill up, get feedback on it and progress!

When iota is ready to upload I’ll let everyone know, and also keep everyone up to date with this new game! WOO!… I’ve said woo a lot in this post… I’m sorry.


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